Five Things you can do on WorkerServices

WorkerServices (WS) is a flexible tool to help organizations effectively communicate with their employees, members, subcontractors, and volunteers. It is so flexible, in fact, that some users are not fully aware of the tool at their disposal. Like a pocket knife, there are several situations where WorkerServices proves useful.

The use of WorkerServices, coupled with the services provided by Advantage Resource, allows for the following:

  • Provide Safety Data Sheets (SDS) access – workers at the job site need easy access to Safety Data Sheets and the ability to search for new ones. Employees can access SDS easily via WS.
  • Get a filled out I-9 from a remote employee – have a new employee fill out the I-9 fillable form pdf and submit to the company office in real time, from a phone or computer. Other fillable form pdfs can also be posted for remote access and submittal.
  • Post 401k Notices – Summary Plan Descriptions, Notice of Internet Availability, Participant Disclosures, and Quarterly Plan Reviews can all be posted to WS.
  • Provide Spanish EBPS booklets – have Advantage Resource translate your Employee Benefit Plan Summary booklet into Spanish and post to WS.
  • Include a custom WS link on your company website – similar to having a company intranet available to field employees, but where you control the content and items available for download and reference. This way your employees only have one website to remember to go to – your own. See an example of including an “Employee Corner” link on a company website homepage.

Other things you can do on WS:

  • Link to company videos – have locally made instructional or safety videos for internal use? Post to company’s video provider then link through WS
  • Post instruction manuals as html documents – this is handy for accessing a document’s Table of Contents or embedded videos within manuals.
  • Create fillable form pdfs, no coding required – make pdf forms available for filling out and completing through the site, no web developer coding required. This is handy for wage deferral forms, deduction forms, employment applications, signed waivers, and many other applications.
  • Ask for help – need help in creating forms, posting notices, embedding videos, translating documents, linking Safety Data Sheets, or anything else listed here? Let us help. Contact us via phone or email if you would like to discuss further.

Created by Advantage Resource in 2012, WorkerServices is a tool to help organizations communicate with a workforce or members spread across various physical locations.