The following are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about WorkerServices, fillable forms, user accounts, and other topics.

Can I create my own forms for posting to WorkerServices?

Yes. If the fillable form can be built using Adobe Acrobat®, it can be posted to WorkerServices. Here are some fillable form examples.

Can third party forms be posted to WorkerServices?

Yes (generally). Certain forms may not work, namely, third party fillable forms locked by the originator, or forms created in a format different from Adobe Acrobat®.

Can WorkerServices/AR create or edit forms for us?

Yes. Contact us via phone or email to discuss a form you would like created.

Can I create other Administrator users?

Yes. The Lead Administrator account user can create sub-Administrator level users.

We have training videos linked to a company video account. Can these videos stream through WorkerServices?

Yes. Videos hosted with certain providers (i.e. Vimeo, Wistia, etc.) can be linked for availability through WorkerServices.