Association membership tools should be intuitive, beneficial, and efficient. WorkerServices is a helpful tool for association leadership because:

  • Members of an association are spread out geographically. This means getting a form filled out and returned can be burdensome.
  • Members are not employees and cannot be forced into action. Because of this, any administrative interactions with the association needs to be intuitive and efficient.
  • Postings of association programs, policies, and procedures is easily forgotten, especially for organizations with rotating leadership.

Through WorkerServices, associations can have documents, forms and videos easily accessible to their members or sponsors, to include:

  • Membership forms
  • Sponsorship forms
  • Volunteer forms
  • Association documents, by-laws, and templates
  • Meeting recordings and videos
  • Any fillable form
  • Any scanned document

Sometimes it is the tasks that should be easiest that take the most time. Fundamentally, WorkerServices is a tool that, with proper use, simplifies the task at hand.