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Service Contract Act of 1965: An Overview

Passed in 1965, the McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act (SCA) is a federal prevailing wage law [...]

Hourly Fringe Program as a Recruiting and Retention Tool

It is becoming increasing difficult for companies to hire and retain quality employees. This problem [...]

Five Things you can do on WorkerServices

WorkerServices (WS) is a flexible tool to help organizations effectively communicate with their employees, members, [...]

Weighted Average Overtime: How HR and payroll providers might explain it, and why it’s wrong

A company might ask their HR software or payroll provider how to meet their overtime [...]

My employees refer to prevailing wage fringe as “their money”

My employees refer to prevailing wage fringe as “their money”. What can the Company do [...]

IRS Publication 15-B fringes and Prevailing Wage fringes are not the same thing

IRS Publication 15-B identifies many items as legitimate fringe benefits. If the IRS identifies something [...]

On my Federal Service Contract Act (SCA) projects, isn’t it easier to pay the required H&W rate as cash on the employee’s paycheck?

Whether paying the Federal SCA required H&W rate as cash on the employee’s paycheck is [...]

Does prevailing wage have to be paid to a truck driver making deliveries to a prevailing wage (DBA) project?

The short and to the point answer is “maybe”. Determining factors that tip the scale [...]

The best way to fix a problem

Proactive vs. Reactive Specific vs. General Important vs. Urgent Successful Prevailing Wage contractors are most [...]