If a form can be filled out with a pen, it can be converted to a fillable form and posted to WorkerServices. Sample forms are available for customers in our Forms Library. If assistance is needed converting a paper form to a fillable form, contact us to convert and post the form for you.

Some of the forms that have been created for use on WorkerServices include:

  • Employment Applications
  • Background check forms
  • Right to Continuation of Group Health Insurance Coverage (COBRA forms)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Direct Deposit forms
  • Insurance application and beneficiary forms
  • Open enrollment election forms
  • 401(k) distribution, deferral, and beneficiary forms
  • Employee Loan Repayment Agreements
  • Apprenticeship Instruction Agreements
  • Tax and withholding forms
  • Employee Time Sheets
  • Employee Attendance Record forms

WorkerServices is a flexible tool to help employers and organizations with their administrative communication tasks. Here is more of what WorkerServices can do,